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Ajax CNC – CNC Retrofit Control Systems for Milling machines, Routers and Lathes. Runs CENTROID Software

CENTROID CNC based control kits for Milling Machines, Routers and Lathes. Our Professional Level CNC control systems use Closed Loop DC or AC Servos for fast, smooth, No position loss CNC machining. DSP Motion control Communicates with your PC via Ethernet cable. The same controls used on quarter million dollar machines!
Ajax CNC control retrofit systems, parts and accessories for Knee mills, cnc routers, bed mills, machining centers and lathes
All New Ajax Kits come with 2 Hours of TeamViewer/Remote Technical Support!
CNC control block diagrams with prices, buy just the CNC components you images for larger view.
complete cnc control on one card, dc amplifier, plc, dsp motion control AC servo motor cnc control system with dsp motion control
ALLIN1DC CNC Controller Overview Video:
Oak CNC Controller Overview Video:

Bridgeport Boss CNC control retrofit kits

Bridgeport Boss CNC retofit kits
Ajax Bridgeport Boss CNC Retrofit Kit Includes:
  • CENTROID CNC Control Software
  • DSP Motion Control
  • Closed loop 3-axis Digital Servo Drive
  • Boss Speed Control (or Inverter control)
  • Pre programmed I/O! (limits, flood, mist, homing etc)
  • Conversational Programming Software and runs on G code.
  • Many,many standard CNC features, click here for more info.
  • Full Size Wiring Schematic,Installation and Operator’s manuals

Bridgeport Boss 8-12 Knee Mill CNC Kit $4259

Boss 8-12’s were originally equipped with servo motors which (if in good shape) can be reused at significant savings.

Bridgeport Boss 1-7 Knee Mill CNC Kit $7166

Boss 1-7 were originally equipped with stepper motors, the Ajax CNC Kit for these models includes three brand new 29 in-lb servo motors (with installed encoder and cables) and necessary power supplies.

CNC control on a single board, DC servo motor amplifier, PLC and closed loop DSP motion control

A 3-axis DC servo drive, PLC, and spindle control all on one card: The “ALL-in-One DC”
A complete CNC control on one board!

The All-in-One DC is a digital three axis DC servo motor drive with integrated PLC and DSP motion control CPU. Centroid’s DC3IOB (servo amp and plc) and MPU11 (dsp motion control card) technology have been integrated into one unit to provide a highly functional, yet compact CNC motion control product.The integrated PLC includes 16 digital inputs, 9 relay outputs, one analog input, and one analog output (for spindle inverter or other use). Built for a wide variety of CNC machine tools, everything from table top mills, knee mills, bed mills, cnc routers and lathes. Pretty much any machine that uses axis motors in the 10 to 40 in-lb range. All-in-One DC cnc control system block diagram, click here.

  • Connects to your computer via Ethernet cable.
  • CENTROID CNC Control Software (runs on Win7/8/10)
  • Closed loop DSP Motion Control
  • 3-Axis Digital Servo Drive, drives up to 40 in -lb DC servos!
  • Pre-Programmed PLC Inputs and Outputs for typical CNC machines
  • Conversational Programming Software or G code
  • 4th axis add on card available
  • Simplified installation
  • Reliable proven CNC technology, Made in USA.
  • Installation and Operator’s manuals PDF on CD/DVD
  • Full Size Wiring Schematic


Customer Testimonials….
“Dear Ajax, I finally my retrofitted mill and it is up and running. i still have to tweak some things and learn the software but, WOW, it is such a magnificent controller. just wanted you to know – because i guess you get all the drama when some things don’t work but as soon as they do, users keep quiet. i have had other cnc machines with steppers running some dinky software on windows, connected over PLT or usb and it was awful, awful, awful 🙂 so thank you for all the help! i’m sure i’ll upgrade the machine with a touch probe and a fourth axis one day.
Best regards,


“Everything is working great. It only took about 40 Hours to do the whole installation, and that is with dismantling each servomotor, turning down the shaft to except the .500 diameter encoders. I have always dreamed of having my own CNC mill. I paid $1600.00 dollars for the Iron, and with the Ajax control, I now have a state of the art machine, more than I ever dreamed. – Paul”


“Just one word, thanks! The Bridgeport is working well. I got a lot to learn but it really works great. I got a job done — about 3500 holes — that all worked out. I will pass the word about how good your product is. Thanks again for all your help! – Alan”


“I recently finished the installation of an AJAX control on my old Hurco knee mill, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Best move I’ve made in a few years. Offline programming and downloading of the programs is really efficient for our operation, and I even managed to put the disk drive into the side of the cabinet, for easy access. I’d recommend this control to anyone considering a conversion. – Dave”
“We are using both Ajax CNCs every day and they are working great. I wish my machines were in an air conditioned room. It is amazing how well your controls can take the temperature extremes! – Ken”
CNC Bed Mill retrofit
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CENTROID based CNC control systems running the latest 2.68+ software include FREE:

6 Work Coordinate Systems WCS (upgradeable to 18 positions for. $305)
Subprograms M98 and Macros G65
Compression Tapping
4x larger free program size
In addition all other CENTROID software options prices have been reduced

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