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Do it yourself CNC Retrofit kits

AjaxCNC controls are servomotor-based industrial CNC controls with a user-friendly interface, conversational programming, G code editor, part program graphics, tool libraries and more. It is not just a “device driver” or a “create it yourself” software package like the competition.

Our CNC kits are built right here in the USA by Centroid Corporation. Designed for the hands-on machinist, hobbyist, engineer, artisan, or craftsman that has basic electrical skills.

AjaxCNC controls run on industry standard G and M codes so you can create parts with any CAD/CAM system, our conversational programming software, or write raw G-code yourself.

Bridgeport Boss CNC retrofit packages

AjaxCNC controls offer true simultaneous motion for up to 4-axis machines. Helical moves, arcs and other complex moves are fully interpolated which yields smooth, continuous 2D and 3D machining. AjaxCNC controls are self-tuning, which makes control setup simple and fast. Our advanced acceleration and deceleration control produces a superior part surface finish, which reduces your bench time grinding and polishing, and also extends tool life.

And unlike slow, jerky, noisy stepper motors that easily lose position, the AjaxCNC servomotors are fast, smooth, quiet and never lose position.

All these parts were made on AjaxCNC-equipped machines

No other kit gives you servo motor power and accuracy with an integrated PLC specifically designed for the most popular CNC machine tool functions at this low do-it-yourself price. Reuse your existing servomotors, control cabinet, and power supplies with our new CNC
controls and save even more money!


Do it yourself and do it right with AjaxCNC!