Jul 5 11

AJAX CNC Centroid Console Kits

Industrial LCD Console CNC retrofit control kits
Console Kit with ALLIN1DC and motors The AjaxCNC LCD console is packed full of features that will greatly simplify the installation of your new control and the day-to-day operation.The CNC console features a 15″ color LCD display, an installed industrial PC, dedicated controls for common machine functions, all contained in one convenient package. With this kit, no extra computer is necessary, no software to install.The built in CNC PC features Installed operating system and CNC software ready for machine configuration.The Ajax motion control card and software come pre-installed and set-up for your specific machine. The PC is equipped with a fast solid-state hard drive. This hard drive, with no moving parts, withstands even the harshest machine environment and unlike other controls it will not cause you to lose valuable programs and set-up information.The industrial control panel includes dedicated buttons for Jogging each axis and direction, Program start/stop/restart, feedrate override, spindle speed override*, E stop, Coolant control, Tool check, and user-programmable Aux. keys.

The console also features an expanded I/O panel for USB, Ethernet, and MPG, Connections.

The console kits include everything found in our standard Mill and Lathe kits.

In addition to the items included in the barebones ALLIN1DC or MPU11/GP4IOD kits, the Console kits add:
· Built-in Modern Industrial PC

· 15″ Color LCD display

·Integrated Control Panel

· Non-glare Glass Display

· Software pre-installed

· (2) USB 2.0 Ports

· Solid State Hard Drive

·LAN / Ethernet Ready

· Console Extension Cables

· 2 Hours of TeamViewer /Remote Technical Support

Console Kit with ALLIN1DC Console Control Kit with ALLIN1DC $5,619


Console Kit for 3rd Party Drives Console Control Kit with MPU11/GP4IOD $5,825


The console has two top and bottom mounting locations so there are many options for mounting to a machine tool. We have a wide selection of arm hardware
and stand hardware, we even sell just the swivel mount made to connect to the console so you can make your own custom arm or stand.