Jul 5 11

Ajax CNC Centroid Hardinge Kits


Hardinge HNC/CHNC DC Servo Control Kits

Finally, a complete retrofit solution for your Hardinge CHNC and HNC precision lathes.

The Hardinge lathe kit includes everything you will need to replace the obsolete GE or Allen Bradley controls while retaining full control of the complete machine right down to the turret, cut-off slide and part chute. Plus, all of the machine logic has been preprogrammed for you. And an illustrated manual quickly steps you through the whole process.

The Ajax Hardinge kit includes the same powerful features as our standard lathe kit. This means Constant Surface Speed, Dual Handwheel support, and Programmable Spindle Speed (“S” Function).

If you are in need of new axis motors, the Hardinge Motor Kit has all of the parts you need to replace those old motors and power supply. We even include custom machined motor adaptor plates, belts, & pulleys.


Hardinge CHNC/HNC Control Kit $call/email 

Hardinge CHNC/HNC Motor Kit $call/email 

The Hardinge CHNC/HNC Control Kit Includes:

· Solid State Hard Drive
· CENTROIDCNC Control Software
· Motion Control Card
· 3-Axis Digital DC Servo Drive
· Pre-Programmed PLC Inputs and Outputs
· Fiber Optic Cables for Noise Suppression
· Machine Control Pendant
· 2000 Line Spindle Encoder & Cable
· (4) Solid State Dual Relay Boards

· 2000 Line X & Z Axis Encoders
· Conversational Programming Software
· Spindle “S” Function
· Constant Surface Speed
· Dual Handwheel Support
· Installation and Operator’s Manuals on CDROM
· “D” Size Wiring Schematic
· Illustrated Manual



The Hardinge CHNC/HNC Motor Kit Includes:

· (2) 17in-lb DC Servo Motors
· 110VDC Power Supply Kit
· X & Z Motor Adaptor Plates
· X & Z Motor Pulleys
· X & Z Drive Belts