Jan 2 14

Ajax CNC Fanuc Retrofit Kits


Fanuc CNC Retrofit Kits

This professional level retrofit kit includes the electronics and software you need to complete a CNC control installation re-using your existing Fanuc Black, Yellow, or Red Cap servos.This CNC kit can be run as a true 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 axis CNC control and also in manual mode where the control acts as a DRO.

Available in both Mill or Lathe versions these Fanuc retorfit kits allow you to get rid of the obsoleate or dead control while allowing you to keep your existing Fanuc servos. Our drives will also power your Black, Yellow, or Red cap serovs, eliminating the hard to find and expensive to replace Fanuc drives.

All Kits come with 2 hours of Phone/Remote Techincal Support! If you have any questions about the model of Fanuc Servo you have please email a picture of the data-plate to sales@ajaxcnc.com

Retrofit Kit for Use with Fanuc Servos
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