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Ajax CNC Phone/Email Tech Support

AjaxCNC offers you several options for technical support:

1. Remote CNC Tech Support session via TeamViewer

  • All new controls include 2 hours of Phone/Remote Desktop technical support
  • Support: (814) 353-9256 (Press 4 or ex 108/112)
  • Please email a report of your system to tech@ajaxcnc.com prior to calling

Phone support is best handled in conjunction with a TeamViewer connection to the machine. This allows us to be MUCH more efficient and thorough in investigating your issues.

We strongly suggest a remote Tech Support session to deal with any issues you may encounter and is the fastest and most valuable way to get everything solved properly. A remote session will allow our techs to quickly home in on any of your issues and get them resolved ASAP. A remote session is much faster than going around and around via email and worth the $90 an hour to get the system running properly. Our techs go thru a checklist of items and often correct things that you might not have even been aware of that were not setup properly. We can’t stress enough of how valuable this service is.

Just listen to what a recent customer has to say about the remote support session:

“A few weeks ago I was at a crossroads with a few problems I could not resolve. After a few weeks of lost sleep and stewing about it, I reluctantly called the help line and spoke to one of the tech’s. I then stated my problems and was transferred to Scott who initially sold me the conversion kit. Scott was able to take remote control of my computer (I have a separate card installed for my LAN) and together we resolved most of my issues in one hour. Total cost $90.00.

The point of my post, is that this is probably the best investment I’ve made since I bought the conversion kit. I wish I had done it weeks earlier as I now have a functioning machine.”

Teamviewer Ajax/CENTROID Remote Support Hardware requirements.

Required CNC control PC internet connection hardware options*

1.) Hard wired Ethernet connection: add a 2nd Ethernet port

a.) Preferred is a PCI NIC Card.  $10 plugs into empty PCI slot on CNC PC mother board

b.) 2nd choice USB to Ethernet port (RJ45) dongle  $13

2.) WiFi connection

a.) Preferred hardware is PCI WiFi Card, plugs into empty PCI slot on CNC PC motherboard $16

b.) 2nd choice is High Gain USB WiFi Dongle.  $17

*If you have purchased any of our CNC Console, Cabinet Mount PC, or Servo PC then a second Ethernet card already comes installed for internet use.


2. AjaxCNC Bulletin Board. click here

This forum is monitored and supported by the Ajaxcnc tech crew M-F 8-5.

– Fast, precise answers to all your CNC installation questions.

– CNC answers for all to see immediately. Easy to browse/search all history as well.

– No login/pass needed to view.

– This is the place to get free CNC how-to documents and personal service.

– See what others are working on.

In the forum you will find… Online Manuals and Documentation CLICK HERE

Read manuals, technical bulletins, and download drawings and other documentation, from our documentation pages. This is the first place you’ll want to check for answers to your support-related questions.


3. Email Technical Support

Email technical support is available for setup and maintenance of your control. Please include a detailed description of the problem you are experiencing (along with information such as serial number, and a report file for your control if it is a Centroid-based system). Providing this information will greatly increase the speed and accuracy with which your support request can be responded to.

Email Support: tech@ajaxcnc.com

All questions and responses will be posted on the AjaxCNC bulletin board.


4. Technical Bulletins. click here

Technical bulletins on a wide range of relevant topics.


5. On-Site Technical Support

If you require professional assistance, Expert CNC service, training and installation are available at your shop. Our nationwide network of technical representatives makes house calls!. Many of them also offer extra services like:

  • Complete CNC control installation/integration.
  • System definition job sizing: Our retrofitters can help you determine if your project is do-able, how much it will cost, what parts to buy and how long it will take.
  • On-site installation integration services: Our retrofitters can come to your shop and install your retrofit and get you up and running in the shortest possible time.
  • On-site CNC training
  • Custom PLC programming for special applications
  • OEM specialized CNC machine development
  • Service: Once you are up and running our retrofitters can provide you with service, either by phone or on site, to keep your machine up and running and productive.
  • Reasonable rates.



Servicing retrofitters are independent dealers located around the US and around the world. They are knowledgeable, experienced and trained on the Centroid/Ajaxcnc Controls, and are your best and quickest way to get your CNC system running and keep it running. Please see the linked map.