Jul 26 11

Ajax CNC Software Downloads


Software Downloads

CNC11 install for Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (Used with Ethernet based MPU11/ALLIN1DC systems only):

CNC11 Windows Install v3.16

CNC11 install contains both Mill and Lathe software as well as Mill and Lathe Demo versions. Simply check the box for the version you wish to install when prompted. Please note the Demo Software will not communicate with a control, install the regular version of the software if you have a control.

Minimum Computer Requirements:

CPU with a single thread bench mark of 1500 or higher


Windows 7/8/10

Unzip the files contained in the above zip file to the directory of your choice and then double click “setup.exe” to perform the installation.

The Mill/Lathe Demo install option is only for the purpose of testing out the software capabilities while not connected to a control. The Demo install will not communicate with a control, please use the normal Mill/Lathe install if you are trying to set up your control.

All Controls that are already running v3.06 or above can be update directly to v3.16:
1.) BACKUP the config and plc programs(Report from the Util Menu) to a USB drive
2.) Run the 3.16 setup.exe from windows
3.) Restore the config and plc programs (Using Update or “Restore Report” in new versions) in the Util menu, navigate to report.zip and press F10)

– If current CNC11 version is BELOW v3.06, update to and run v3.06 FIRST, then update to v3.16

Link to v3.06 install zip file

All Controls that are running a version prior to v3.06 must be upgraded to v3.06 first, They then can be updated directly to v3.16 from v3.06. NOTE: You must successfully run CNC11 v3.06 at least once in order to upgrade the MPU11 firmware before installing v3.16

NOTE: If you have a previous PLC installed this will overwrite it. First make a report and back up your parameter files from it. Then run the PLC updater. After installing copy back the parameter files and overwrite the default ones. Failure to do this will result in the loss of your previous parameters.

Latest Ajax Mach CD – Includes Ajax Mach plugin, schematics and install guides
Ajax Mach CD v1.16 download
Mach Plugin 1.16 download 1.16 – plugin only. Unzip and run setup.exe.

TeamViewer – Remote Desktop Utility:
TeamViewer 11 If your PC has an additional Ethernet connection and you have internet access, this is a great troubleshooting tool. Our technical support will be able to remotely view your PC, allowing them to quickly and accurately diagnose any problems you have or set up your machine. TeamViewer combined with our phone support can save considerable time over the traditional phone only method.

For Legacy Software (CNC10)
For CNC10 2.72 and instructions on how to upgrade from an earlier version please see the Legacy Software Page.