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Ajax CNC Testimonials

Steve Earp Retrofit Gallery

"We have 3 centroid’s in our shop and we just added a 4th using the diy kit from ajax. having never built a cnc control before i was a little nervous, i’m a machinist not an electronic guy..but the Ajax  "all in one dc" cnc control board makes it easy, everything connects to one board and the directions are simple to follow and the questions i did have got answered by the guys at ajax. I saved alot of money and got a real professional control, i couldn’t be happier."

-Steve Earp

Pierre-Luc Retrofit Gallery

"When considering a CNC control system, budget and performance where my main criteria for my DIY CNC router and after digging the web and doing several searches and comparisons between cnc control systems, I choose AjaxCNC’s 3rd party control system running with Mach3. Ajax has same hardware as Centroid, which is a well known company in cnc biz, and for that reason I was confident going with system and since day one, that was 3 years ago and I am still convinced that I’ve made the right choice. The machine is still running and performs great. I have a high performance machine for small budget that outrun most used cnc machines out there that I could get comparatively the price invested.

The Ajax techs gave me all the support I needed trough all the setup questions I had during the setup at the beginning. The Ajax’s dudes know their stuff, trust me and you can tell if you go on their forum which is really well documented. There is also a Ajax topic on cnczone with geeks there that are very impressive too. I am now upgrading my router with a 4th axis, the hardware is 4th axis ready and it’s an easy thing to do with the GPIO4D/MPU11 control system.

If everything was to start over, I’ll do the same without any doubts now that I know how easy it went for me."


Rob Black Retrofit Gallery I can’t say enough good things about your CNC controller. I picked up a Clausing/Kondia mill at an auction that was supposed to work, it was cheap so I took the chance. After countless hours researching I hesitantly took the plunge and bought the All-in-one DC kit and no regrets ever since. It’s amazingly easy to hook up, and I would recommend it to anyone that can read a wiring diagram and knows the basics of computers. The Ajax dealer CNC Services NW (cncsnw.com) was incredibly helpful answering questions that were actually in the manual. I’ve been using it off and on for a year now and just love it. My high school kids have learned to use it to make custom belt buckles and my dad gets me to make furniture parts for him. I have a billet dash in the works.

Not only is the hardware easy to hookup the Centroid CNC and Intercon software are great too. I was a machinist before I went to college and I knew I would not be happy with hobbyist type software. So I was a little skeptical whether the software would be as good as advertised. Again I was not disappointed. It’s very user friendly and straightforward to use. It’s real production software and super easy to use. I like the Intercon software for quick and easy programming. I love the software and controller. It’s one of the best decisions I ever made.

– Rob Black

Joseph Lund Retrofit Gallery Just wanted to say thank you again for all your help and thank the tech team for the bulletins and forums, they are a huge help for us first time guys! I got my machine up and running and couldn’t be happier with the ease of use and layout of the control.Thanks again,

Joseph Lund

Art Retrofit Gallery I wanted to upgrade to CNC11 v3.08 ( which required windows 7 ) and after buying a new computer, began following the tech bulletin for preparing it to run the machine. Holy Cow!!!!!……….The AJAX instructions for preparing to use windows 7 were lenghty. but perfect. Windows screens and all!…. and I am not an avid fan of windows 7. My point?……It did not cost me a lot of time and money, plus, I was able to do it myself. I don’t know who prepared tech bulletin # 244 but I would like to thank them for a pleasurable experience.

Then there was the process of starting the control, reloading the report.zip, etc. The control seemed to want to do it without help. I was surprised when everything functioned correctly, but it wasn’t over yet. I happened to have a test piece in the machine that we milled prior to removing the old computer. Upon startup, and running the old program the machine did not even loose its part zero’s. I just wasn’t ready for that. You guys at AJAX did not miss much with the way this whole package came together in my shop. You must take pride in what you do because its working well!

Thank you VERY much, Art


Retrofit Gallery

To be honest, I will say this. I have tried a few CNC Systems before and spent money for each system as follows ( Cannot tell you the Vendor’s names as its not nice)PCI CardS 880 TO $1800.00, Software $500.00 TO 1500.00, For 3 DC Servo Drives costing 200 to 350 each $750.00 TO $1000.00.

Total $2250.00 to $4300

What do you get from them, few Gcodes and few M codes , Mostly No Tool Compensation. No Cam Software, No Automatic G Code Generation

Runs on Widows XP, easily get corrupted on power offs, Rotating Hard Disks and Virus Attack, Not real time working.

What did Ajax give me?

Real Time working on Linux Kernal so more accuracy, I got Tool Compensation, Solid Hard Disk, Cam software with a nice menu and AUTOMATIC G CODE GENERATION.

The price I paid? Its almost same or Lower for a 3axis 1HP power on all three axes. Its so simple. Any person can wire it and commission it. I am willing to send a simple wiring system to any one interested


Ken Moses, Fusion Inc.

Retrofit Gallery

We are using both Ajax CNCs every day and they are working great. I wish my machine was in an air conditioned room. It is amazing how well your controls can take the temperature extremes!
Paul Schaffner Everything is working great. It only took about 40 Hours to do the whole installation, and that is with dismantling each servomotor, turning down the shaft to except the .500 diameter encoders. I have always dreamed of having my own CNC mill. I paid $1600.00 dollars for the Iron, and with the Ajax control, I now have a state of the art machine, more than I ever dreamed.
Alan Just one word, thanks! The Bridgeport is working well. I got a lot to learn but it really works great. I got a job done — about 3500 holes — that all worked out. I will pass the word about how good your product is. Thanks again for all your help!
Brad Got the kit, everything looks to be intact and very professional (but you knew that). Thanks a lot!
Dave Brown,
Dave Brown Products, Inc. / President, Association of Model Aeronautics (AMA)
I recently finished the installation of an AJAX control on my old Hurco knee mill, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Best move I’ve made in a few years. Offline programming and downloading of the programs is really efficient for our operation, and I even managed to put the disk drive into the side of the cabinet, for easy access. I’d recommend this control to anyone considering a conversion.
Eric Snow,
ET Precision Machine

You are more than welcome to give my name and number to prospective customers. I think the AJAX system is the best for the money for do it yourself types and really a good system. I’d recommend it to anyone who was interested. Looking at other systems in the past I’m sure none are as easy to build or learn to use. Cheers.
Sam Schnieder, Practical Solutions When my old Hurco machine finally died, I had to decide whether to repair this control built in 1978 or update the control all together. I searched the Internet and magazine adds and compiled a list of people that built controls for Bridgeport machines.I called them one by one asking the normal questions but also some specific questions about their controls and my machine. The toughest question seemed to be “Will your control work with my motors?” Out of more than ten of the best prospects the answers ranged from “No” to “You will just have to try it”.I called AjaxCNC at the sales office. They answered most of my questions right away. When I came to the dreaded “Will your control work with my motors?” question they gave me the standard “I don’t know” but then surprised me. The salesman added “I will find out and call you back”. He asked for all the info on my motors and did call me back within 20 minutes assuring me that my motors would work with your control. They do!

I have already recommended this control to several others and so far have had one person drive down from Philadelphia to see it. All persons that I have sent to the web site have responded positively to me about the control. At least two have confessed to me that they will have to do something in the near future and said that this control seems to have everything they need. The person from Philadelphia has already contacted AjaxCNC and has been using their demo software.

The control is very easy to install. If I can do it, anyone can. I was unsure of several things but when I called AjaxCNC they told me exactly what I needed to do and I was up and running. Having never done anything like this before, the hardest part of the installation was where to lay out the components as I put the system together. With a little help from AjaxCNC I went through the setup and have already started writing programs with Intercon. Thanks again for making this as painless as it was.

Chris Super fast delivery! Nice website for tech. support, nice product. A+++!
Ken Got the lathe kit last week. Everything looks great, very professional.
Trever Hey guys – just wanted to tell you I received package… Real nice!!! 1st class. Pendant is beautiful! I wish I had bought this through Ebay because I would give you guys an awesome feedback. Anyone looking to retrofit. I promise to send them your way. I have to say the Elrod ballscrew kit is good too. I am installing it now. Thanks.