Mar 18 13

CNC PC Minimum Hardware Requirements


AJAX/CENTROID CNC PC minimum hardware and benchmark requirements for proper CNC control operation.

Primary PC requirements:

1.) The PC CPU must have a minimum benchmark of 1500.  You can look up a CPU’s benchmark # using this website.  

Notice that this is the “Single Thread” benchmarks chart.
Using a CPU with a single thread  benchmark rating higher than 1500 is required

2.) A SSD (solid state drive)  We only recommend Intel or Samsung SSD’s

3.) 4 Gig’s of Ram

4.) Windows 7 or 8

5.) 2nd Ethernet port, can be a PCI slot add on card see link below.

6.) A Shielded Ethernet cable, CAT5E

Secondary considerations, Use high quality components such as:

1.) Gigabyte or Asus motherboard with solid capacitors for reliability

2.) Antec or Coolmaster Power supply for reliability,  minimum 450 watt rating.

3.) Clean Windows 7 or 8 install (starting with a formatted hard drive) with NO bloatware, skype, virus protection, firewalls etc.  just windows and cnc11

If you are building your own computer the below are a great recommended build:




Reliable Power Supply

Extra Ethernet connection for internet connection

Windows 7
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit –

Solid State Drive